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Crime & Punishment

The passage of a bill establishing minimum standards in order to enforce 2nd Amendment compliance should be passed. That includes a "shall issue" concealed carry permit for law-abiding citizens and a 50 state right to transport firearms.

In addition, the "broken window" law enforcement theory should be maintained by enforcing the prosecution of small crimes in order to correct small-time criminals early and to send a clear message that a permissive environment for crime will not be allowed. An enhanced focus should be placed on human trafficking and large criminal organizations with multiple streams of income.
At the same time, private prisons would be banned from having a minimum occupancy level. In addition, prisoners not working to maintain or support the direct operation of a prison facility would be paid minimum wage. Prisoners would never be assigned any work that they would not legally be allowed to do outside of the prison facility. This will reduce the incentive for states and the federal government to use prisoners as slave labor. It should be national law that people that have served their time must get their voting rights back and after a probationary period, their 2nd Amendment rights.

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