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Illegal immigration (particularly on the US southern border) needs to be stopped because it is a national security threat. The issue is bigger than Central and South American migrants coming to the United States for better economic opportunity. The size of the groups are straining the ability of our immigration system to process and vet them. This allows for actual international criminal operations to use the border to move people and equipment into the United States. It is well known that criminal organizations use the large migrant flows to occupy and distract border enforcement personnel.

Enhanced border security (along with strategic wall construction) does not mean that the United States would close itself off to outsiders. Rather, it would allow for the US to implement a merit-based immigration system that would encourage immigrants to fill in the blank in industries where we are not able to staff their requirements with American workers. Every western nation runs immigration this way except for the United States and it provides for the highest quality & most needed immigrants to help us make our nation more functional. This is the ONLY successful way forward.

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