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America needs and should always welcome immigrants that come to make our nation a better place. Immigrants that come to our country (as a group) should not have a negative impact on our social services or systems, culture, and economy. There should always be an expectation that immigrants pull their weight. America should not be the world's piggybank.


People that do not have resources cannot consistently keep their government in check. Societies that are predicated on representative government need a healthy middle class to maintain these structures. High taxation does not incentivize wealth creation. President Trump's recent tax cuts prompted numerous large businesses to offer bonuses to their employees as well as bring back cash to the United States for investment. It is my position that you spend your money better than Washington does.


All modern stable societies need quality infrastructure in order to function. Infrastructure spending should not be used to prop up budget shortfalls in state and local governments. Rather, infrastructure spending should be focused on rebuilding failing water systems (such as in Flint and parts of Louisiana), power systems (such as in Puerto Rico), and subway systems (NYC's subway infrastructure is estimated to need almost $40 billion in rebuilding or upgrades).

Crime & Punishment

My biggest crime reduction initiative would be the legalization and taxation of marijuana. Once marijuana is decriminalized, the entire supply chain of criminal elements would be disrupted. In addition to generating tax revenue, it would also allow for the discontinuance in the civil asset forfeiture program. When alcohol was made illegal, it lead to the formation of a robust black market. Upon legalization, the criminal supply chain fell apart and alcohol consumption dropped by 33%.

America First

The resources of the American taxpayer should be used first and foremost to benefit the American population. This means that our laws, policies, and procedures should be optimized to maintain sufficient quality employment in the US. In addition, globalized trade policies and land use policies should be designed to benefit and respect the American population.

Foreign Policy

The US military should reduce its footprint from over 900 installations to 30 key global locations. In addition, our military presence in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq need to be completely withdrawn. These military operations are taking a serious toll on the image of the United States as well as military readiness. Going forward, the United States needs to ensure that all of its global relationships and activities are mutually beneficial to our partners as well as us.

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